Bringing the outdoors in and caring for your houseplants!

Houseplants, much like children need a lot of love, care, and nurturing. Whether your a dedicated green-fingered expert or simply love the lush, leafy green leaves of a Monstera they all need to be cared for. Some people have magic fingers when it comes to keeping and watering houseplants, others feel like they only have to look at a succulent, spider plant, or orchid for it to wither and die.

I’ve never really had much success in keeping plants alive, inside or out! My Mum and Step-Dad Phil have always been the green fingers in our family, they have a beautiful flourishing garden all year. They’ve also got quite an array of wildlife too.

When we moved to our new house in Newlyn, a former police station, the back garden was overgrown and unloved. We knew it would take time to clear thru the undergrowth and I couldn’t wait to see what we uncovered. A huge 10ft Granit wall stood tall at the back of the garden, but we hadn’t really anticipated the greatness of it until we started to strip back the overgrown bushes and brambles.

We had lots of visions for the garden but knew it would take time, time we also knew we wouldn’t have much of……until lockdown that was! March 2020 and we set to work on the mammoth task….. ‘project garden’ started! Within a few days, we had uncovered the most beautiful, hand-built Granit wall. 12 one tonne bags later and we had cleared the top half of the garden. Slowly but surely it started to take shape and I was able to add plants and flowers here and there……with the hope that they would survive!

Once ‘project garden’ was nearly complete, with added sun terrace and some handmade pallet furniture, we were happy with the results. My plants had started to establish and our sunflowers were sprouting like no tomorrow!

Charcoal watering can 2

Time to take the outside in with a few new indoor additions. I love a lush, leafy green houseplant, especially in my kitchen. Having recently renovated our kitchen as well, thanks to lockdown, I had lots of new exciting places for new planters. That’s where my love for planters and home accessories came from. I absolutely love a nice planter, whether its cute and petit or big and bold. Nothing looks nicer than keeping your growing babies in a nice pot.

I have quite a collection of houseplants now, a few cuttings that my Mum has propagated for me, which have in fact grown like wildfire. They have grown so well I have managed to split them and repot them myself.

I often find I need varying sizes of pots and different accessories to help nurture my indoor garden. I sourced some beautiful planters from Sass & Belle and recently we have received a delivery from Burgon & Ball which included some gorgeous indoor watering cans and Glazed pots.

I often pick up plants from our local supermarket but I love to support our local garden centres too. My sister has recently brought her first family home so my Mum and I brought her a fabulous Monstera Cheese plant which is absolutely thriving. She added a moss pole and tied up some of the stems to train them upwards a little, she has really got the houseplant bug! So much so that she’s got a little propagation station, which I am most definitely fond of as I keep getting lots of ‘new babies’ to look after!

Finding the right position for your plants can be tricky, to much light and they wont like it, not enough and they wont like it, its all about finding the right balance. Don’t over water, don’t under water….. so much to remember, so much responsibility!! Houseplants bring a sense of calm and peacefulness to your home and often bring a sense of purpose to people, having something to focus on and look after.

Not only have we sourced some gorgeous pots, planters and accessories, we have also have a lovely collection of seagrass baskets which make lovely alternatives to house those boring plastic pots.

Start off small and let your love grow, bring the outdoors in and care for your lush leafy greens……with the added bonus of a gorgeous planter or two!

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