We are big bee lovers at Newlyn Maids.

Did you know, bees are responsible for the growth of 35% of crops WORLDWIDE?! And they pollinate loads of the foods we love to eat, like apples, tomatoes, berries and even almonds and vanilla!

Check out our growing range of bee-utiful bumble bee gifts and Christmas decorations, perfect for those bee-loving friends of yours!

Bumble Bee Storage Jars

Vintage bee jar large
Vintage Bee glass jars

We couldn’t resist adding these vintage style bumble bee glass storage jars to our homeware collection – our pressed flower jars are some of our best sellers! The repeating gold pattern of bumble bees is pretty yet subtle enough to work with any colour scheme. The lids are made from natural bamboo and silicone. Available in two sizes:

Small £8.50 | Large £14

Bumble Bee Baubles

Golden Bee Bauble


Beehive Bauble


Luxe Bees & Flower Bauble


It will be a tough choice for bumble bee lovers to choose between these three gorgeous baubles this Christmas.

First up is our golden bee glass bauble which has two large golden bee designs with a scattering of pretty polka dots. Next, the flat bottom bauble is a similar shape to a snow globe and is home to a stunning beehive with three perfect little bees buzzing around it. And lastly, our luxe glass bauble, decorated with a glittery gold floral design with perfect little glass bumble bees adorning the outside of the bauble.

Which is your favourite?

Miniature Bee Baubles

Our mini bumble bee baubles are the cutest little decorations! Miniature baubles are great fun for decorating with, on or off the tree! If your mini baubles are going to get lost on your Christmas tree among the bigger decorations, try displaying them in a bowl or vase, or as part of a mantlepiece display. Of course, if you’re really excited about Christmas you may have another smaller tree to decorate and mini baubles are perfect for the job!

Mini Bee - set 12


Bakers who love bumble bees!

Our bumble bee baking utensils are a huge hit with at home bakers. The measuring cups come in measures of 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup. When not in use they stack beautifully and can be stored upside down to form a gorgeous beehive – pretty enough to leave out to be admired.

Why get measuring cups without the spoons?  Our busy bee measuring spoons are an essential addition, as every good chef knows, there is a BIG difference between a tablespoon or a teaspoon! You can now get both items as part of a bundle offer, saving you £5!

Bamboo Plates & Spoons

Our range of eco-friendly bamboo tableware makes baby led weaning much more fun! Bamboo is a gorgeous planet saving alternative to plastic. Plastic takes up to 1000 years to biodegrade, causing mass pollution worldwide, but bamboo is highly renewable, natural material that will biodegrade. It also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties – making it even more perfect for those messy mealtimes!

Plates £7.50

Set of spoons £5.00

Bee Bamboo plate
Bumble Bee spoons