Have you ever been so nervous about doing something that you’ve talked yourself out of it more times than you’ve talked yourself into it?!

I’m an over thinker, probably one of the worst. I will tell someone all day long not to overthink something but then completely contradict myself and overthink every minor thing. When I first started thinking and gathering ideas for Newlyn Maids I used to talk myself out of it before I’d even given it chance. What if it didn’t work? What if people thought it was a silly idea? There’s hundreds of businesses that sell home & living accessories, why do you want to do that? These were all things I questioned every day and even now, I still question. I think that’s just who I am as a person and sometimes that’s not a bad thing, you can be cautious of things in life but you’ve also got to be brave!

Being brave is the thing I struggle with thou. I’m the person that will give anybody my upmost support and encouragement, tell other people to be brave and just go for it, whilst in my own head I’ll question things 100 times before I’ll be brave enough. I am very fortunate to have such a close and supportive family around me that are constantly pushing me to be brave.

You can set goals and have ambitions but you have to work harder than you’ll ever imagine to get there and be prepared for a few trips and falls along the way. People will always doubt you, people will always have their own opinion of what your doing, its only natural, but how you move forward from that is entirely down to you.

Starting Newlyn Maids was probably one of the bravest things I’ve ever done, especially during such unprecedented times. It all sounds fabulous when you talk about setting up a business and selling gorgeous homeware and living accessories, but the reality of that is it’s actually really scary. A new business in any shape or form is scary and there is always an element of uncertainty whatever it is your doing. When you strip back the layers and actually stop and think about things, you are solely responsible for what happens with your business and how it grows.

Ok so I’ve overcome the first hurdle…… actually biting the bullet and placing my first wholesale order to pressing the ‘GO LIVE’ button on the website. Next was getting that first order and hoping and preying that everything worked as it should and people were able to successfully order on my website…… I still cant quite get  my head around that…. MY WEBSITE! So the first order came in and it worked, thank the lord. After that I started to believe a little, but only a little.

Slowly but surely the orders started to flow thru and I started to believe that bit more every time I got an order notification. People were liking and sharing on social media and the business name was getting around. My nerves started to settle and I started to see that I was doing the right thing. My family are constantly encouraging me and telling me to just go for it, so that’s what I’m doing, just going for it!

Baring in mind I still have a normal ‘day’ and ‘night’ job along side of running Newlyn Maids, I felt under a lot of pressure to make it work. As well as being ‘Mum’ and ‘Wife’ I’ve now suddenly found myself being a business owner…..scary!

So things are going well and I cant thank the people who have supported us enough, weather its a share on social media, an order thru the website or simple mention to a friend, it all helps to build this little business, it all helps towards building a future for our family.

I am always thinking of fresh ideas, new products and new ways to push the business. At the minute everything is based online and I think that’s sensible given the current economic climate and the ever-increasing rise in online shopping. It doesn’t stop me thinking about having somewhere where people can actually look at our products and see them in the flesh thou.

I for one love to browse at things and I’m not the best online shopper if I’m unsure about the products I’m looking at. At this stage with the business being so very new and probably far from established, I know I don’t have the basis quite yet for bricks and mortar, but I do have the basis for a ‘Pop up shop’ and luckily for me an opportunity has just ‘popped’ along at the right time….. I am a great believer that things happen for a reason.

So the plan is that Newlyn Maids will ‘Pop up’ at the end of October thru till the end of December so we can catch that Christmas trade, boost our little business and give people a chance to see our products in the flesh. I am currently working hard behind the scenes to make all this happen and as excited as I am, I’m absolutely petrified all at the same time. Being brave enough to do this is something I’ve questioned over and over in my head, wondering am I doing the right thing? Will people come and visit? Will people like the products? there’s so many things I’ve questioned but at the end of the day, if I don’t do it, I’ll never know the answers!

The beauty of a ‘Pop up’ shop is that for us it’s only temporary and if it doesn’t work then we’ve learnt a lesson without a huge outlay. If it does work however, which I am very much hoping it will, then this is just the start of things to come. This is the tipping point for building the business, making the break from the day jobs and giving my little Maids the very best future I can.

So if you’ve taken anything from reading this blog, be brave and just do it. Whatever it is, just do it. Life is to short and to precious to keeping questioning and asking yourself, what if?!


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