Circular & Co Reusable Cup – 12oz


The best reusable is the one you use…..Circular&Co have made using reusable, simply effortless.


The best reusable is the one you actually use. So many reusable products are sat in cupboards because they don’t work or they were a two minute wonder. Circular cup is specifically designed to support a busy lifestyle and is guaranteed not to let you down. We all love our mug of tea in a morning or can’t function without our caffeine fix but don’t always have time to sit and enjoy. These sustainable travel mugs are 100% leak proof and the simple push mechanism minimises spills and offers one hand opening and closing. After 10 years of use, your cup can be recycled into another Circular Cup and the cycle continues.

Designed and made here in Cornwall, we believe these are the way forward to help our planet. We love everything about these cups, from the ethos around them to the beautiful colour combinations.

100% leak proof
Circular Cup is completely leak proof. No more splashing
yourself with a hot drink as you run for the train. You can carry
your cup anywhere without spilling a drop and pop it into your
bag with confidence.

One handed opening
The innovative design of a Circular Cup makes it quick and
easy to open and close with one hand. Just one press to open
and one press to close. Perfect when you’re on the go.

Full aroma
Circular Cup lets you enjoy the smell of coffee, which according
to experts is 90% of the taste experience. You get the release of
coffee aroma without the spills. Press open and drink like you
would from your favourite mug.

No fuss drinking
Circular Cup allows a 360 ̊ drinking experience, so you never
need to locate a drinking hole or check which side to drink
from. Safe and convenient, to suit a busy lifestyle.

Circular Cup is double wall insulated. It is comfortable to hold
and will keep your drink warm or cold for up to 90 minutes.

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Black & Electric Mustard, Black & Faraway Blue, Black & Giggle Pink


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