Surviving lockdown 2020 has hit the world hard and thrown everyone into the unknown.

Ed and I both work in the tourism industry, as do the majority of people in Cornwall. One way or another, most people relay on the industry to earn a living. In such unprecedented times we had no idea what the future would hold, so we knew we had to have a plan B and even a plan C!

Having time to renovate our house during lockdown was great, we set to work on projects we’d never of had time to do during our normal, busy working lives. Each project involved some kind of styling and that was my job,my favourite part. That’s where my passion for quirky planters, kitchen storage and anything Eco friendly came into play.

When I started to source products I was very conscious that they were sourced from supplies who stock products made responsibly, with care and adhere to the minimum standards set within the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code. As you would imagine, the choice was endless and I struggled to choose what to stock because I wanted everything. I decided that as well as Home accessories, I wanted a range of Living accessories to compliment them. Lunch bags, Bento boxes, snack boxes and reusable water bottles were all on my list. Back packs for new nursery starters and little ones heading to ‘big school’!

As a mum to two girls, new lunch bags and accessories is something we’re familiar with at the start of a new school year. Like everything, styles and fashions are always changing so the pressures on to have the coolest lunch bag, the newest water bottle and the most eco friendly accessories to match! Matching back packs and lunch bags are super cool and help your children keep all their things together at school.

back to school lunch bags

Recently we have sourced some fabulous Beeswax wraps, which are perfect for back to school lunches. No more cling film, no more tin foil, 100% reusable, washable and made from sustainable materials.

I am a huge fan of Bento boxes, they work so well if you love a bit of variety at lunch times. We stock a few different designs and sizes, each have 2 compartments for your food and a handy little tray with cutlery so you can pack up your box the night before and grab and go ready for work or school the next morning. Each compartment is secured separately so no leaking or squashed lunch. I normally pack the bottom compartment with pasta or salad or sandwiches and then use the top compartment for fruit or cheese or whatever takes your fancy. Secured with an elasticated band to keep your lunch safe.

Our range of vibrant, on trend lunch bags make packing up those school and work lunches so quick and easy. The Bento boxes fit perfectly inside too, giving you more time in the morning and less rushing around packing up lunch boxes and bags! They also fold flat for easy storage inside your school bag or work bag once you’ve finished with them.

For a lot of children going back to school after such a long time away will be both nerve racking and exciting all at the same time. I know my girls are desperate for the new school year, they crave routine and structure. I for one am absolutely grateful for all the time we have spent together over these last few months, whether we’ve had good or bad days, we have made memories that we will remember forever and for that I am forever grateful for. Back to school 2020 is a time the world will never forget………!

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