Getting out and about for your daily exercise is a must right now, here are some top tips to make your walks in the fresh air a little more enjoyable.

I feel very fortunate living in Newlyn, we have absolutely beautiful views from our house and I am forever grateful to wake up and see the ever changing picture that is Newlyn Harbour. The Harbour is always full of life, the hustle and bustle on the key when the boats are landing is such a joy to see and hear. There are many days where we get the binoculars out and have a look at the boats coming and going.

Since we moved to Newlyn in 2019 we have explored so many beautiful walks around the town and surrounding areas. We often walk to Mousehole and reward ourselves with a hot chocolate before our walk back. I love all of the quaint little paths and lanes that we discover on our walks, some you’d never know were there if you didn’t fight back the brambles or climb over an over grown wall. When Teddy, our 12 month old cockapoo puppy came along, it then became essential that we got out and walked every day. There is nothing better than an early morning walk, especially when the sun is rising over the harbour, it is utterly stunning.

According to a study by the Heart Association, walking is one of the best exercises out there. Just 30 minutes a day delivers multiple benefits, including reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, improving blood pressure and sugar levels, maintaining body weight and reducing the risk of obesity, and many more. During lockdown (all three of them!) we have tried our best to get out and walk everyday. Somedays we don’t all make it, but one of us always walks the dog so one of us is always getting out for some fresh air.

The difference in the days where we can’t get out compared to the days when we do get out is huge. Being cooped up in the same four walls is not healthy for anyone, especially the children. Getting out for fresh air makes such a difference to your mood, state of mind and just general wellbeing.

The weather is a huge factor in getting out and about and just lately, the weather has definitely been against us. In Cornwall we are usually quite lucky with the weather, we don’t often see freezing temperatures or extreme weather conditions like other parts of the country do. We have been lucky to have some flurry’s of snow lately which is exciting for the children but gosh it has been cold. We have also had our fair share of rain as well which is an instant depressant for me. I don’t mind the cold but I am not a fan of the rain, especially during times like the present where we have to stay at home and we have to homeschool and things aren’t normal, it makes life very challenging.

My absolute favourite days are when its crisp, cold and dry. I love the first signs of spring when the daffodils start to come through and you can see bursts of their gorgeous yellow heads along the road sides.

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Here are a few top tips that I find handy for our family walks

If like me you have children at home at the minute, you will probably be familiar with the constant snack requests, the 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 20 cups of juice, all before midday! It’s true what they say, kids do eat you out of house and home.

For us I find the requests for snacks and drinks isn’t just at home, its now ventured out with us on our walks. “Mum, I’m hungry, Mum I’m thirsty……” I find myself packing up the kitchen sink for a quick scooter ride along the prom. So with all that in mind, I decided to go on the hunt for some easy solutions to keep us (the kids!) fed and watered on our walks.

  • Light weight, stainless steel flasks – Another game changer from Rex London. I had been on the look out for a suitable flask for the girls for a while. Nothing took my fancy at the usual places so I did some research and found some fabulous flasks from one of my suppliers. They are lightweight and stainless steel, so they keep your drinks nice and hot and they come with the cutest little cup for easy drinking. My girls absolutely love taking a flask of hot chocolate on our walks to warm them up and what’s better, they are small enough to pop in your bag and aren’t heavy to carry.
  • Circle&Co reusable cup – These are a recent find for us and the best thing about them is they are made in Cornwall. We cannot praise this company enough, their whole ethos around single use and using recycled materials is amazing. The Circle&Co cup, or The R cup as they have been known as are absolutely the best reusable cup on the market. They are so easy to use, a simple one handed push mechanisum allows you to push open the top and drink from any point around the lid without any spillages or leakage. These are an absolute god send on those cold, early morning dog walks when all you want is to be tucked up in bed with a nice cuppa. I cannot recommend these cups enough and the fact they are made from recycled paper coffee cups is even better.

Fresh air is important everyday, anytime of year, not just because of the pandemic or lockdown. It has an important impact on your well being and mental health and I highly recommend trying to keep up your daily routine.

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