I thought I’d introduce myself, I’m Marrie, owner of Newlyn Maids. I live in Newlyn with my husband Ed and my two little maids, Faye & Beau.

Born in Cornwall in the late 80’s, I’ve always grown up along the Cornish Coast Line. Surrounded by creativity and a passion for food, I’ve worked in the Food Industry for many years.

I had my girls in my early 20’s and they are both growing into beautiful young girls. I met my husband Ed, who is my absolute rock, without him I wouldn’t of achieved half of what I have!

I have huge support from family, no matter what choices I make they are always there and for that I am forever great full.

Ed and I moved to Newlyn In 2019 after falling in love with the surroundings. Newlyn is a working fishing port and is always full of life.

Next came along Teddy, our cockapoo puppy he is very much full of life.

As is always the case when moving into a new property the house needed some updates and we couldn’t wait to get started. I have always loved to organise and style rooms. I love decorating and changing things around. I’m a sucker for a nice vase or plant pot (or 2!!)

Lockdown 2020 gave us many opportunities to get stuck into those renovations! The garden was our biggest outdoor challenge, followed by the kitchen! That really was a challenge! we live in an old police station so there’s not a straight wall in the house!!

I absolutely loved styling it all when it was finished. I made scaffold board shelves and added lots of accessories such as planters, storage jars and picture frames!

It was from there that Newlyn Maids was born. With the uncertainty of what the future may hold during these unprecedented times, I decided that I needed to have a plan in place to support our family. I sourced lots of fabulous products that reflected my love of home and living accessories. I worked hard alongside a local web designer to build the site and get going.

My very handy husband Ed built me a storage/workshop where we were able to set out the stock and package things properly. Along with my day job, working in the food industry I also manage Newlyn Maids.

Thank you for all your support

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